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Hello there. This space is about me, my interests, and all that good stuff. The name is E.T. Working with cameras is what I love to do. I’m also a big fan of sitting down with my pup and a hot black coffee, putting on a horror movie or some trashy rock n’ roll, and fine-tuning the things I’ve gone out and captured. Speaking of my pup, he’s a toy poodle from China named Jian Jun. In addition to being present in post production, he assists on most of my shoots as well. I went vegan roughly six years ago, and am an advocate for animal rights. My favorite gear consists of Canon cameras and Canon glass; Apple computers, with my software of choice being Pixelmator Pro for photos and Final Cut Pro X for video; and for flights, I use the Dji Mavic Pro. New York state is home, but I love to travel.

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